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Precious Metal Creations For Your Special Occasion!

Gemstone Designs has over 98 years of combined experience in custom jewelry and jewelry repair with over 800 examples of custom designs in our on-line gallery. We are a Saul Bell international jewelry design top five finalist and a recipient of the GRS Golden Graver Award for hand engraving.

Jewelry Repair

We are Knoxville’s Leader In Jewelry Repair. Do you need a ring sized? Maybe you have a chain that broke? Or perhaps you need a diamond replaced? Not all doctors are heart surgeons, not all jewelers are goldsmiths. Knowing how to reset a diamond in a channel band or re-tipping a prong on a delicate emerald ring takes experience to do it and make it look right. However, finding a personal jeweler you can trust with your treasured items does not have to be a problem. Simply trust the jeweler that other jewelers trust. Trust Gemstone Designs. We design and make jewelry therefore we know how to repair jewelry . We have over 98 years of combined experience doing this. In fact, because of our reputation we often get referrals from many other jewelers in town and surrounding counties on the more difficult repairs. When we take in your item for repair we will inspect it, test it, and photograph it. Your receipt will contain this information along with the photograph. All jewelry repairs finished will be cleaned and polished before being returned. Your white gold jewelry repair will be returned with a complimentary rhodium coating. We treat your items with the same level of attention, care, and respect as the crown jewels of London. We understand the emotional connections we all have with certain pieces. Therefore, we work with meticulous precision under microscopes to insure the job is done right. We earn your respect and confidence in the long run by doing the very best to bring that sentimental piece back to a wearable status along with a careful refurbishing to make it look as new as can be.

Custom Engagement Rings

We are Knoxville’s Leader in Custom Engagement Rings and Custom Wedding Bands. We design custom jewelry including custom engagement rings and wedding bands. What is unique to your love? Do the both of your share an inside sentiment? Nothing makes that proposal more special than incorporating symbolism into a custom designed engagement ring such as a personalized style or a private memory. Custom also means quality here at Gemstone Designs. Since the ring is custom made and not mass produced, the quality of diamonds and accent stones often are superior. We only use ideal cut diamonds as the diamond accents to provide extra brilliance and sparkle. For center diamonds we prefer using diamonds graded by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). If you have your own diamond, we can use that as well. Other engagement ring center stones you may consider are gemstones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, or a diamond simulate such as moissanite.

Diamonds…The Four C’s Are Not Enough

Color, cut, clarity, and carat are not the only factors in diamond buying. Diamond reports don’t tell you if the diamond has a brownish or grayish tint and whether it is slightly milky. The reports may tell you what the depth and table percentages are but not the crown and pavilion angle combinations needed to provide a superior cut. It takes experience buying a diamond just off a report viewed on-line. Is an SI-1 clarity a good SI-1 or a poor SI-1? Who grades the diamond makes a difference. Many big box stores sell diamonds graded by other labs to different standards but still using the same terms as GIA. Often these diamonds are also “off makes” meaning poor cuts. A diamond should dazzle and not appear dull. Nothing beats comparing a few diamonds in person under a microscope, UV lamp, and Idealscope. Are we competitive in pricing? Apples to apples we are very competitive and offer to you the ability to have us bring in a few diamonds for you to look at without purchasing first. Lets get you the best diamond for the best price.

When Custom Is Not Custom…and When It Is

Having a mass produced designer piece doesn’t make it custom or unique. It usually makes it more expensive. Many big box stores that carry branded designer pieces have to pay extra for that designer label. They also tend to increase their margins to cover higher rents, advertising and marketing, and national corporate infrastructure. Picking a center diamond and having it set in a mass produced mounting is not custom designed…not in our book. We take the time to design your engagement ring and provide a computer photo grade rendering before we even begin to cast the metal. This insures we truly understand what you were looking for and provides a point to make any alterations to the design you want. Custom does not necessarily mean more expensive. Here at Gemstone Designs, we are the designer with far lower overhead. So in many cases you can get superior quality from us for the same money or less.

Redesigning Old Jewelry Into New

What’s old is new again! Sometimes jewelry repair is not the best answer for some items that are worn out beyond repair. Maybe it is time to remake it into something new! Maybe you have a piece that is outdated. Let your never worn, outdated jewelry live on. We are experts at redesigning old style jewelry into something fresh, new, and en vogue. There is no reason to store away unwanted and unworn jewelry. Many of our customers bring in three or four items to have one special piece made from them. Stop in and let us see what we can come up with together. Transform your jewels, gems, and gold into forever elegance. Let us remake your jewelry into something new to live on from generation to generation. A picture is worth a thousand words. We have more examples of our custom designs than all other jewelry stores in the surrounding area combined. Imagine the possibilities - dare to dream - and let the award winning artists of Gemstone Designs create your signature piece!

Jewelry Appraisals

We recommend that you have your jewelry appraised every five years for insurance purposes. It is import to have a current replacement value documented in case of a loss. You may also want an appraisal to verify authenticity and quality of diamonds and gems. Stop by anytime, no appointment is needed. Your appraisal will come with a detailed analysis of stone carat weights, dimensions, color, and quality, along with karat and weight of the metal, and photograph(s). All diamonds and gems graded will go by GIA standards and terminology. Equipment used in the analysis and appraisal may include gem stereo microscope, diamond colorimeter, spectroscope, diamond carat scale, refractometer, dichroscope, electronic diamond tester, Chelsea filter, polariscope, UV lamp, digital gem gauge,

Engraving Jewelry

We are Knoxville’s Leader In Hand Engraving. We have complete personalized jewelry engraving service. From lettering on the inside of a ring or back of a watch to a personal photo on a pendant. We do hand engraving for that old school touch.