Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond Buying - Knoxville, TN

We buy gold, silver, and platinum to make new jewelry. Look in your jewelry box, do you have any broken chains?  How about earrings of which you've lost their mate.  How about that High School class ring you'll never wear or that classic nugget that glistened so brilliantly from the light of the disco ball? Have you considered selling your gold, silver, or platinum scrape or unwanted jewelry?

With the price of gold nowadays, you may be very surprised at what you have that you're not wearing.  We offer very competitive prices on your gold, silver and platinum.   We are also interested in your larger diamonds, especially a 1 carat diamond and above, if they meet the stringent quality requirements of the merchandise in our store.. We even buy dental gold (please remove the teeth before you bring them in).  

Buying scrap gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds

We offer even more if you plan on using the proceeds in our store for a purchase, custom design or repair.  It's not unusual for some of our clients to completely pay for a custom piece of jewelry with their trade-in.

Simply bring whatever you have to our store. It takes just a few minutes for us to analyze, weigh and give you an offer.  And of course, there's no obligation and no appointment is necessary.

View over 700 examples of our designs on our website in our gallery.