Professional Jewelry Appraisals

My name is Scott Boatner, I have been involved in the professional jewelry industry since the 1980`s. I have earned a Graduate Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America, having worked as both a bench jeweler and as a full time appraiser and I am certified as an expert witness in the State of Tennessee. I am an independent appraiser, not employed by any retail jeweler and I do not buy or sell any items I am evaluating. I am employed by each separate client to address their specific needs and the values presented in my reports are researched in order to apply values consistent with the markets in which the appraisal is intended.

The appraisal of fine jewelry is normally performed in order to satisfy insurance underwriters for the purpose of obtaining separately scheduled insurance on the items. But the appraisal can also be an essential tool in settling a probate or estate issue and auction estimates as well as other legal issues. The execution of a properly carried out and presented appraisal is of the utmost importance as far as accuracy and identification is concerned.

In days past, a simple single line description which may or may not have detailed size, shape, color, clarity and quality information, detailed plots on larger diamonds and modern photographs was accepted by many insurance companies. If these kinds of appraisals were considered satisfactory in the past, they will not stand up to the much more stringent demands today.  Whether the item be a precious metal piece, a diamond, pearl or colored stone piece, whether it is a standard catalogue item or a custom created piece, accuracy is essential. Jewelry is not cheap in most cases, some items can be very expensive. Some items may be considered one of a kind, some may be created by a craftsman of a high level of expertise, some may be a simple catalogue item with a new head. Special finishes, hand engraving, complicated stone setting should also be considered.

All information is gathered and presented using the industry standard grading system and language appropriate of the Gemological Institute of America, all appraisals are accomplished and presented reflecting the Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards detailed by The Appraisal Foundation.

All appraisals are performed on an appointment basis, the client can bring the item or items in and stay during the evaluation, or leave the items at the store. While the initial evaluation is performed in the store, after the client takes their items home, I will research and complete the report to be delivered to the store or sent to their home.

When evaluating items for appraisal, I start with a blank sheet and report only what I can prove through due diligence, scientific testing, and educated grading experience.

If you would like to  schedule an appointment, or you would like additional information, please call us @865.777.1413.